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We Came BaCK!

Have you heard about the "BaCK to CK" community initiative inviting young people back to Chatham-Kent? Although we are no longer "young", and have been baCK for several years, the reasons we came baCK to CK are the same reasons bringing young people back to Chatham-Kent today. We think this BaCK to CK initiative is great and encourage you to share your story about why you came baCK with others too. There are so many great things about living in Chatham-Kent, let's tell others about it.

What Brought Us BaCK?

The 3 of us came baCK to Chatham-Kent after being away for a few years attending university or playing minor-pro hockey. We came baCK for family, community, and farming.


Almost all of our extended family live in Chatham-Kent, and specifically the Blenheim area, so our ties to this area are very strong and have been for generations. There is definitely something special about having that network of family and friends for support that you only find in rural communities like ours.


The importance of community is something that we didn't realize was so important until we came baCK to CK. As small business owners we truly appreciate the buy local sentiment that seems woven right into our Chatham-Kent community. Also, the network of small business' offering such a wide range of products and services makes it easy to source almost everything right in our own backyard, which has been an asset too.


Before amalgamation into Chatham-Kent, the slogan for our town of Blenheim was "Heart of the Golden Acres" and that saying is bang on. The fertile farmland found in Chatham-Kent is some of the richest in the country. Wanting to keep our family farm going and also run an agronomy services business, we couldn't have asked for a much better place to call our home base.

We all enjoyed growing up in this community. Now that we're baCK we are just as excited to be business owners here where "local" in the focus. Coming home gave us the opportunity to raise our families surrounded by our large extended family and many friends who are just like family. To top it off, we can grow crops on the fertile soils found here in the heart of the golden acres.

There is no place like HOME!

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