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The Good Old Days

It's that time of the summer when the mornings begin to be cool reminding us that fall is just around the corner. It is also that time of the season when we reflect on the memories made during the summer. We were recently doing just that, reflecting on everything that happened during this summer and that conversation evolved into a reflection of family farming memories from summers in the past.

Part of the Team

Just like today there was always something to do on the farm. Growing up on a tobacco farm we spent most days in the field, first planting, then hoeing, followed by topping, and suckering as the season progressed towards harvest on Labour Day weekend. Looking back on growing up on our farm, we seldom remember the details about the conditions (hot or cold) but fondly recall what it felt like to be included in day to day activities from a young age. Jobs were made to be fun: singing as we hoed tobacco or playing the "name that hockey player" game on the back of the planter. In hindsight we can clearly see that those jobs and responsibilities were teaching us a lot but back then we were happy to be doing whatever the crew was doing and feeling like part of the team. We had no idea we were creating memories. We though we were just having fun.

1000 Hours Outside

Much like today, when were were younger from the time we got up until we went to bed we were outside. Field work happened through the day but once we got our work done look out, the 3 Warriner kids were on the loose on 175 acres. We made forts along the ditch bank; went for bicycle rides cross country using the field headlands as our roads; took our go kart for a spin; had rock concerts in the front yard; and went for swims in our pool or in lake. We were very lucky to have so much space to explore and just play growing up. There is a challenge going on in society today for kids to spend 1000 hours outside during a year, I wonder how many hours we spent outside during those summers growing up, it must have been a lot.

Working together everyday as siblings seems unique to many but for us it is normal, because that is what we have done our entire lives. Quite often when we are out in the field or working in the office together today there is a lot of laughing and joking going on. Don't get us wrong, we don't always see eye to eye and back in our childhood there were some royal rumbles, but in the end we are family and a team, so we always seem to figure out a way when differences arise to work through them together. The best part of what we do is making new memories everyday. Years from now we will look back on memories from this summer with fondness I'm sure, because when you really think about it the good old days are happening right now.

"I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them."

Ed Helms

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