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Top 10 Reasons To Grow Tulips in Your Garden

In the spring there are tulip festivals and tulip farms to visit to see the beautiful tulip blooms but have you ever thought about bringing some of that beauty to your garden? Tulips are an excellent choice for your early spring garden.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons to Grow Tulips in Your Garden:

1. One Bulb Turns into a Bouquet

Tulip bulbs multiply, producing about 3 to 5 new daughter bulbs each year. So, if you plant one

tulip bulb after only a few years you will have enough blooms for a bouquet of tulips.

2. Tulips are Easy to Grow

Tulips are planted in the fall, the best time is actually right before the soil freezes. To plant tulip bulbs all you have to do is dig a hole approximately 6 inches deep and place the tulip bulb in the hole with the tip of the bulb pointing up. Mother Nature takes care of things from there and the following spring you get to enjoy the blooms as they pop open.

3. Tulips Come in so Many Colours

Tulips come in almost every colour of the rainbow, so there is bound to be a colour that looks good in your garden or compliments your home. Or choose a mixture of bulbs and watch a tulip rainbow bloom in your backyard.

4. Tulips are Part of Canada's History

During World War II the Royal Family of the Netherlands escaped capture and found refuge in Canada. Canadian soldiers also played a significant role in the liberation of Holland from Nazi oppression. Each year a gift of tulip bulbs from the Netherlands is sent to Canada as a thank you for the sacrifice made by Canadian soldiers in the liberation of Holland. You can see the tulips bloom in Ottawa each spring as a sign of the strong friendship and respect that continues between Canada and the Netherlands.

5. Every Colour of Tulip has a Meaning

Red tulips symbolize love, white tulips mean respect and forgiveness and so on. If you want to "say it with tulips", legend says each colour of tulip signifies something. Give tulips in a mixed bouquet because no matter the colour they all symbolize positivity. There is no wrong choice!

Click this link to find out the meaning of all the tulip colours.

6. Tulips are Early Bloomers

Tulips are among the first flowers to bloom in the garden each spring. Their pop of colour just as we come out of the grays and whites of winter and the brown of mud season is a spectacular treat.

7. Tulips Last a Long Time in a Vase

If you like to cut flowers from your garden to display in your home, tulips are a must have. Tulips have a significant vase life compared to some summer flowers. They even continue growing for the first couple days after being cut.

8. Tulips are Edible

Tulip petals are actually quite nutritious and are excellent when added to a salad or candied and used to decorate the top a cake or you can just eat the candied tulip petals for a treat. If you are using tulip petals when cooking or baking it is best to grow your own to ensure no pesticides have been used on them.

9. There are So Many Tulips to Choose From

With over 3000 different varieties of tulips available you are sure to find the perfect shape, style and colour to match your garden style. There is truly a tulip for everyone!

10. Tulips Bring Joy to Your Garden

Tulips are incredibly beautiful and joyous to look at. Plant tulips in your garden so that you can experience first hand every spring as each small bud opens up to a beautiful bloom.

Have you decided to add tulips to your garden? If yes, we can help you get started. Check our our Tulip Bulb Collection to purchase your tulip bulbs direct from the people who grow them.

Whether you are new to gardening or a veteren gardener, you can never have enough tulips in your garden. With their unpretentious and simple flower, tulips will continue to bring delight to your garden each spring.

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