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Say it with Tulips

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Tulips, the world's most planted flower, come in many different colours. Did you know that each colour has a meaning? If you want to "say it with tulips", here's what legend says each colour of tulip signifies:

tulips of every colour
Every Tulip Colour Sends a Message

Red Tulips = declaration of love

A red tulip symbolizes love. Similar to red roses, red tulips are a popular way to show someone you love them. Write a romantic message with the bouquet and you're sure to win over anyone's heart.

Red Tulip
"Civic Pride" Red Tulip

Variegated Tulips = beautiful eyes

Do you know someone with beautiful eyes? Let them know they're beautiful with a variegated tulip bouquet. The petals of variegated tulips exhibit different colours, often in patches or streaks.

"Estella Rynveld" Variegated Tulip

White Tulips = respect / forgiveness

Show a friend your upmost respect with a bunch of white tulips. They are also the perfect choice if you need to make things good with someone, as a symbol of forgiveness.

White Tulip
"White Chocolate" White Tulip

Yellow Tulips = friendship / hope

Yellow is the colour of friendship, which makes a bouquet of yellow tulips the perfect just-because gift for a friend. We think of sunshine, brightness and hope when we see yellow, so send cheery thoughts by using yellow tulips as a caring get-well gift.

Yellow Tulips
"Stong Gold" Yellow Tulip

Purple Tulips = royalty / rebirth

Purple tulips symbolize royalty. It is also the colour associated with rebirth or a new beginning. Give a gift of purple tulips to wish them a great new start.

Purple Tulip
"Peacekeeper" Purple Tulip

Pink Tulips = happiness / good wishes

Pink tulips mean affection, caring, and love. They don't show the romantic love of red tulips, but show the recipient you care. Pink tulips are perfect for close friends and family.

Pink Tulip
"Copper Image" Pink Tulip

Black Tulips = power / strength

This rare colour of tulip signifies power and strength. Black tulips are a great way to recognize someone's promotion or achievement.

Black Tulip
"Black Hero" Black Tulip

Any Colour of Tulip = positivity

How do you choose what colour tulips to give? Give tulips in a mixed bouquet because no matter the colour they all symbolize positivity. There is no wrong choice!

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