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Celebrate Spring Add Fresh Flowers to Your Home - Here's How

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Flowers cheer up any room in a home, but is there a certain way to decorate with fresh flowers? We are flower growers, not designers, so we found an expert to help us learn how to decorate with the tulips we grow.

Recently we chatted with local interior designer, Erin Liberty, of Liberty Interior Design to ask her questions about how to decorate with fresh flowers. Read below to learn Erin's tip and tricks when it comes to adding fresh flowers to your home.

Where is the best place to display fresh flowers in a home? Which rooms?

Erin of Liberty Interior Design: "That's a tough question because I think adding fresh flowers to any room will brighten someone's day! Interior Design is more than just colour it's about function and evoking emotions. When you are in a space we want it to spark positive emotions. Flowers are refreshing, add vibrant colour and fresh floral scents. My top 3 favourite place for flowers in a home are:

  • Entrance! Add fresh flowers to your entry table to greet your guests.

  • Bedside table! Wake up to the beautiful smell and sight of fresh flowers.

  • Kitchen table! Flowers make the perfect centerpiece on any table."

What are some tips for choosing flower colours for decorating at home?

Erin: "When decorating at home the best way to choose your flower colours is to do a quick audit of your space, how many colours do you have? If you already have a colourful space choose a colour already represented or opt for one bunch of that colour. If your room is more neutral or black and white, opt for a multi-coloured bunch."

Which vase types suit each decorating style?

Erin: "I wouldn't necessarily say there are vases that only work with certain design styles, but I will tell you that the classic tall glass vase will never go out of style! I also love charcoal grey and off-white ceramic."

"If you are looking at something more contemporary then straight lines is effective. If you are going for a traditional style a rounded vase is time tested."

What are your recommended vase sources?

Erin: "I love to shop a Pottery Barn and Home Sense for quick finds. For DIYers I often recommend repurposing an old vase with a can of spray paint! And of course selecting a unique piece from a local artisan will be a statement in your home."

We are thrilled that Erin took the time to answer our questions about how to bring the beauty of flowers into our homes. We certainly learned a lot and hope that you did too.

To learn more about Erin and her Interior Design business check out or on Instagram @libertylifebydesign.

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