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2021 Flower Bulb Collection

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

This year we have an exciting flower bulb collection including 5 daffodil varieties, 6 specialty tulips, and 6 standard tulip varieties. All are chosen from the varieties we grew here at Hat Trick Farms in spring 2021. Let's take a look at each variety in this year's flower bulb collection in detail.



Acropolis is a double daffodil. It's colouring is white with an orange accent in the center. Medium height at bloom, standing 13" tall.

Double Daffodils resemble peonies or carnations more than classic daffodils as they have rows of petals in the center of the bloom. The double daffodils in our 2021 flower bulb collection are: Acropolis, Delnashaugh, and Tahiti.


Delnashaugh is also a double daffodil. It is white with a pink center and is perfect for a garden border as it stands less than 12" tall at full bloom.

Lemon Beauty

Lemon Beauty is a butterfly daffodil. It's colouring is white with a yellow center accent. Like Delnashaugh it is short, standing less than 12" tall at full bloom.

Butterfly Daffodils have ruffled interior petals that look similar to butterfly wings.

Pink Charm

Pink Charm is a cupped daffodil. With white outer petals and a pink cup in the center. This daffodil is a medium height at bloom, around 14" tall.

Cupped daffodils are the classic and most well known type of daffodils. When you hold a cupped daffodil bloom in your palm it resembles a cup and saucer.


Tahiti is a double daffodil. It is the only mainly yellow daffodil in our collection this season and this showy variety has a unique orange accent in the center.

Bloom Timing: Daffodils

Specialty Tulips:

Black Hero

Black Hero is a double peony tulip. Dark purple to black in colour. Black Hero is very tall and we would recommend placing it further back in a flower bed, not near the border.

A double tulip is a tulip with extra petals. Those extra petals completely change the look of the bloom, with double tulips often looking more like a peony or a rose than the traditional tulip bloom. The double tulips in our 2021 flower bulb collection are: Black Hero, Copper Image, Crispion Sweet, Foxy Foxtrot, and Sensual Touch.

Copper Image

Copper Image is a double tulip. It has a coral pink colour and is short, standing less than 12" at full bloom.

Crispion Sweet

Crispion Sweet is a double fringed tulip, so it's petals have a fringed edge. It has pink and white colouring, with the colour changing from pale pink to dark pink as the bloom opens. Crispion Sweet is also short, average height less than 12".

Foxy Foxtrot

Foxy Foxtrot is a double tulip. It's colouring changes through the season from a pale yellow to a soft pink at maturity. This tulip is recommended for border areas as it is very short, averaging a bloom height less than 12" in our field this season.

Sensual Touch

Sensual Touch is fringed double tulip, having some texture at the tips of it's petals. It's blooms are a coral / pink colour, sometimes looking orange in the bright sunlight. Sensual Touch is also on the shorter side, less than 12" at full bloom.

White Chocolate

White Chocolate is a Triumph single tulip. It is a creamy white colour. It reminds us of a lightly toasted marshmallow at full bloom. This is a tall tulip with it's average height greater than 16" this past season.

Triumph Tulips are the most common type of tulip. They are single varieties, which means they don't have extra petals. These varieties have a very sturdy stem and stand tall through wind, rain, and even snow, as we saw this spring. The Triumph Tulips in our 2021 flower bulb collection are: White Chocolate, Acadie, Big Gift, Peacekeeper, and Washington.

Bloom Timing: Specialty Tulips

Standard Tulips:


Acadie is a Triumph single tulip. It's colouring is pink with a white base. This stunning tulip stands about 15" tall at full bloom.

Ad Rem

Ad Rem is a Darwin Hybrid single tulip. It is orange with a yellow edge, with the center of the petal having a pink hue sometimes. Ad Rem is a fragrant tulip with a citrusy scent. It is also a very tall variety.

Darwin Hybrid tulips have a very large bloom, the petals are huge. It is probably due to the size of the bloom, but we have observed that Darwin Hybrid tulips have a curved upper stem. They also bloom relatively early. The Darwin Hybrids in our 2021 flower collection are: Ad Rem and Ladies Night.

Big Gift

Big Gift is a Triumph single tulip. It's colouring is red with a cream edge on every petal. It has a medium height at full bloom, between 12-16" tall.

Ladies Night

Ladies Night is a Darwin Hybrid single tulip. Over the course of the season it's colour changes from light pink to dark pink. It's average bloom height in our field this season was 15" at full bloom.


Peacekeeper is a Triumph single tulip. It's purple blooms open right up as it matures. The bloom height for this one is also medium, with the average between 12-16" in height.


Washington is a Triumph single tulip too. It's petals are bright yellow with a red accent. This season the average bloom height for Washington was 15" tall.

Bloom Timing : Standard Tulips

We hope you have learned a little more about each of the varieties in our 2021 flower bulb collection. Send us any questions if there is other information you would like to know about any of the varieties.

Add some bulbs to your garden this fall, you will be happy you did when those bright blooms show their colours next spring!

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