Tulips - 10 in glass urn
Specialty Tulips 5 stems in syrup jar box
Wooden Butterfly - purple - large
Daffodil Bouquet in hand
Tulip Field View 2021

Thanks for Celebrating Spring with Us!

Our tulips and daffodills are a sunny sign of spring that add beauty and colour to your home.

Thanks to all of you who purchased flowers or visited our flower field to see all the tulips and daffodils in bloom!

Tulip Trivia

Tulip - Civic Pride

Where did tulips originate?

It is common to think that tulips originated in the Netherlands where they are grown abundantly today, but they actually came from Central Asia where some varieties can still be fond growing in the wild today. 

A diplomat visiting Turkey discovered tulips on a visit in the 16th century and took some bulbs home to the Netherlands, where the sensational spring flower became an instant hit.


Our 2022 spring flower season has come to an end. See you next year!