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Fallen Petals - Tulip Experience
  • Fallen Petals - Tulip Experience

    "Even the fallen flower has a story to tell"

    Join us for the Fallen Petals Tulip Experience, it's a party with the petals at the end of our tulip season. 

    Guests begin this 2 hour experience with a game of colour matching. Did you know each colour of tulip has a different meaning? Well, you'll get the chance to learn those meanings in a creative way at this experience.

    Next each person will choose a colour and head out into the tulip field to fill their bucket with blooms of only their chosen colour. Instruction will be given about how to clip the blooms. Participants will need have the ability to bend down and clip approximately 75-100 blooms to take part in this experience.

    Back in the tent, while sipping virgin "Mint Tulip" drinks, our version of a Mint Julep, and enjoying a selection of colourful snacks at the candy bar you will begin the next phase of the experience. Get ready to show your artistic side with a hammered petal art project.  The final part of this experience is creating a big art project as a group, similiar to "Art Attack" from the 1980's, using the buckets of tulip petals you cut.  A group photo will be taken around your big art project and emailed to you after the experience. Along with the group photo, you will take home your 3 hammered art cards with envelopes as a keepsake from the experience.


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