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The Best Sweet Corn Recipe

We hope you have been enjoying your summer, and all the once a year treats this season brings. One of our family's favourite things about summer is corn on the cob. We are definitely sweet corn lovers around here. Although we like sweet corn "straight up", only dressed with butter, we also like to change things up this Caribbean inspired sweet corn recipe.

Caribbean Style Sweet Corn


  • sweet corn

  • butter

  • mayonnaise

  • Lime cut into wedges

  • Chili Powder OR Paprika (depends how spicy you like things)


Cook the sweet corn as you usually do. We like to boil it and then finished on the BBQ so it is slightly blackened. As soon as the corn is cooked follow the steps below to make Caribbean Style Sweet Corn:

  1. Butter the sweet corn.

  2. Spread mayonnaise on the sweet corn.

  3. Sprinkle the cob of corn with Chili Powder (spicy) OR Paprika (less spicy).

  4. Squeeze Lime juice over the sweet corn.

It is that easy and tastes soooo good!

This recipe may not be for everyone in your household though. The first time we were using this recipe on sweet corn at a family meal, one of the kids, who just had enough teeth to eat sweet corn at the time, said "I only want butter on my corn, don't give me any of that dirty corn". He still hasn't gotten past the looks enough to try "dirty corn" but we just say, more for the rest of us, and everyone now fondly refers to this recipe as "Dirty Corn" in our family.

We hope your family enjoys this take on the summer staple of sweet corn. Enjoy!

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