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Let's Have Fun Learning about Agriculture

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Hooray! It's Summer!

Are you ready to learn all about summer at Hat Trick Farms?

Summer is the season when things change very quickly on the farm.
Plants seem to grow taller everyday.  As a fun comparison, measure how tall you are today and then again at the end of summer vacation to see how much you grow this summer too.
This summer in Kids Club we will share some things about the crops growing on our farm, we also challenge you to get outside and have some fun trying all of the activities on our Summer Bucket List.

Check back frequently for a NEW  Hat Trick Farms kids club activity.

Each season we'll explore a new agricultural topic. 

You will learn about each topic through activities, stories and games. 

Kids Club Activities Archive

Don't worry if you missed an activity here in the Kids Club, we have all the activities saved for you in our archive. Click the button below to access all past kids club activities. 

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