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It's Spring!

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Every variety of tulip has a name, some are named after celebrities, some are named after places, and some are unique names that are puzzling when you see the actual flower.

So, how do tulips get their names?

Tulips are named by the bulb grower who created the new variety. Private tulip bulb growers go through the painstaking process of mixing together the pollen of two different parent tulips to produce a different flower. This process is called hybridizing. When the new flower is created the grower gets to name it. Over the years bulb growers have chosen many colourful names including people, places or things that the new flowers reminds them of. 

Some of the unique tulip names in our field this season include: Estella Rynveld, Great Lakes, and Canadian Celebration. 

Tulip - Estella Rynveld
Estella Rynveld
Tulip - Great Lakes
Great Lakes
Tulip - Canadian Celebration
Canadian Celebration

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Draw, colour and name your very own tulip. 

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We also have a Spring Activities Challenge for you. Download the Spring Activities grid below and see how many you can complete with your family and friends this spring.

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