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Hooray! It's Maple Syrup Season!

Are you ready to learn all about how maple syrup is made.

The maple season is wrapping up, but let's take a look back at all  the steps involved to make maple syrup.

Step 1: Tapping the Trees

The maple season starts when we tap the trees. First we drill a hole and then insert a tap for the sap to drip out of the tree into the collection bag.

Step 2: Collect Sap

Every day that the sap runs we go to the bush to dump the blue bags and collect all the sap in a large collection tank to take back to the sugar shack.

Step 3: Boil the Sap

At the sugar shack we boil the sap in a large pan called an evaporator. After several hours the water will evaporate off leaving pure maple syrup.

Step 4: Bottling the Maple Syrup

In the final step of the process, we heat the maple syrup to an exact temperature using a propane burner and then filter one last time before it is bottled.

boiling maple syrup
filtering maple syrup
Bottling Maple Syrup

The only thing left to do now is eat the maple syrup. There are so many ways to enjoy this natural spring treat! What is your favourite way to eat maple syrup? On pancakes or popcorn or ice cream>


Can you put the steps of the maple syrup making process in the correct order?

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