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Let's Have Fun Learning about Agriculture

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Hooray! It's Spring!
We enjoy all the seasons at Hat Trick Farms,
but especially spring when things start to grow.

Tulips are a spring blooming flower that we grow  here at Hat Trick Farms. We planted our first tulip bulbs in fall of 2019 and have planted more every year since then. Here are 3 fun facts about tulips.

Tulip Facts:

1.    Tulips grow from a bulb, and are considered perennial. Perennial means they will keep blooming each spring from the same bulb.

2. Most tulips produce only one flower per stem.

3. Tulips come in almost every colour, except blue. There are no blue varieties of tulips.

Check out the parts of the tulip plant below and then test your knowledge by downloading the worksheet.

How many activities can you do this spring? Download our Spring Activity Challenge below.

Each season we'll explore a new agricultural topic. 

You will learn about each topic through activities, stories and games. 

Kids Club Activities Archive

Don't worry if you missed an activity here in the Kids Club, we have all the activities saved for you in our archive. Click the button below to access all past kids club activities. 

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